PSY's Pirate Campaign

The first steps
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You find yourself standing upon the road, whether fresh off the docks or just having arrived thru the front gate. You’ve never been to Oppara before, but you know plenty of sea traffic goes thru the ports, both legal and otherwise. After a bit of careful asking around about a job to get you back out to sea, your directed to a dockside tavern by the name of the “Salty Mermaid” as there is a newly arrived captain holding interviews there looking for new hands.

You arrive at the tavern shortly after noon to find quite a few more occupants than you would expect for this time of day. They all look like tough sea dogs, and all of them seem to be watching the booth in the back corner across from the bar. This booth seems unremarkable except that it is so dark within the confines of this booth that you cannot see the occupants.

Taking in the others seemingly waiting for the interview a handful of others stand out to you. A halfling sitting at the table closest to the booth with a crossbow bigger than he is somehow slung across his back. At the bar is some breed of tiefling with almost sharklike features, blue skin, and a strong finned tail. just inside the door and off to the right you notice a man so big and ugly he must have ogre blood somewhere in his line.

A rather burly half-orc steps out of the booth and makes his way towards the door, both the halfling and the brute stand up seeming to think they are next. The halfling starts introducing himself with a deep bow, and right about then the brute grabs him by the crossbow on his back and hurls him thru the window of the tavern and across the street skidding to a halt somewhere down an alley. This ogre-kin steps up to the table, and almost imediatly begins to laugh in a rambunctious manner and says " I’m supposed to work for you? Your such a little snot you coulda come outta my hooter!! MUAHAHAHAHA" when all of a sudden a trio of throwing knives seem to sprout from his chest, soon followed one after another with a beat in between another 8 knives before the brute finally falls to his back, dead as the wood in the table he crushed while falling.

During this gap the tiefling steps up to the booth, introduces herself with a bow, and slides into the seat to disappear in the gloom.

In Progress…….


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