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Greetings and Salutations,

This is a special campaign to explore the greasy underbelly of the seafaring life of residents of Golarion, Namely, the pirates. I’ve tried to choose carefully who to invite to this game as it will require an extra level of maturity to handle some of the topics which may come up or to leave certain events off screen when needed. Certain more powerful character builds and ideas may be allowed if they fit the theme, though power should not be the initial goal of the character builds. Any alignment will be allowed, though LG may be a mis-step, and while any alignment is allowed, I don’t want to deal with constant backstabbing amongst the party so your characters must be of the mindset that the captain, whether party member or npc, is the final authority and whose orders are to be followed unless there is a serious question as to whether that person should still be captain or not. These characters should not be made with the primary goal of power above all else, but with a sense of style and theme guided by fun.

Build Rules will be typical of our recent games using the stat array of 18,16,16,14,14,12. 2 traits of your choice, everyone will receive the same campaign trait the effects of which have yet to be entirely determined but will include slightly more than the usual trait. You will be starting at second level with your class max starting gold +1000. Any other questions or things I might have left out please ask and when I have an answer I’ll add that in here =).

Lastly is the topic of character and party dynamics and “just how evil” y’all wanna be. This will be a slightly involved discussion and may influence your character ideas, concepts, and builds. To this end you should either have a couple ideas put together so you can decide which to use after the talk, or have your character be flexible enough to adjust to the consensus reached during the talk.

This will not be your usual campaign, we wont be starting active sessions right away or possibly even soonish, but we will be fleshing out character interactions, and generally doing a decent bit of semi slow and text based roleplay that will help make this campaign(I hope) one to remember.

Home Page

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